The Concept Deactivator is a new MECHANICAL, ELECTRONIC and INTELLIGENT method of deactivating and removing the Concept Tag from the garment. The Concept Deactivator is the future of the EAS Industry. The Concept Deactivator has an electronic chip control working directly with the check-out computer, giving it unlimited possibilities now and in the future. The retailer's need for space at the check-out was a serious consideration during the development and design of the Concept Deactivator. The Concept Deactivator is installed in a few minutes. If service is needed, it can easily be removed/replaced by the store manager and returned to the Service Center in a special supplied packaging.

The Concept Deactivator is a one operation-mode unit. Generally, when removing a hard tag from the garment, you need to remove the taghousing as well as the pin and place these parts in two separate boxes. With the Concept Deactivator you only remove the pinhead as the taghousing is automatically pushed into a box. Because of the unique design of the Concept Deactivator, no other detacher can remove the Concept Tag, rendering stolen and homemade detachers useless. It can only be used by approved staff by either entering a code at the check-out computer or by being approved by the Fingerprint Scanner - a never before seen level of retail security. The detachers used today are mostly magnetic detachers. They are easy to use but also easy to "copy" which creates an insecure environment. That is why we spent the time to develop a completely new concept – a concept for the future!