The newly modified DesignerNanotag adds yet another dimension to the world's most secure hard tags. The DesignerNanotag is identical in shape but much smaller than the DesignerMeditag and DesignerMicrotag.

The DesignerNanotag is equipped with three glass ink-filled ampules which are securely hidden inside the tag. When an unauthorized attempt is made to open the tag, the ampules break coloring the fabric and rendering it worthless to would-be-thieves.

The DesignerNanotag can now be delivered with or without the electronics (coil). Without electronics (coil) it is ideal for street merchants, sidewalk displays, and more. With the new Supercoil we have made one of the smallest Hard Tags which can be put on more delicate fabrics. The patented DesignerNanotag comes with the SUPER Clutch Mechanism, BurnSafe technology and a unique none-magnetic encapsulation as well as a strengthened plastic mix.

DesignerNanotag Specifications:

Diameter: 36,0 mm/1.42 inches.
High-Center: 22,5 mm/0.886 inches.