The logistics and the economy are an important part of the future EAS solution – The Concept Solution. They have been carefully considered during design and development. The Concept Tag was designed to be GREEN with all parts recyclable. We have designed and developed this concept to be fully automatically produced. This is to secure the same high quality and the lowest possible production costs. Most large and medium sized Fashion Retailers today have an advanced logistics, handling all transports and more. They are therefore able to internally handle the circulation of the Concept Tags.

The Concept Tag will be shipped directly to the Fashion Retailer's manufacturer, who will maintain a minimum stock. The packaging of the garment was seriously considered when designing the Concept Tag. That is why it is one of the overall smallest and most lightweight hard tags on the market. Tagging will take place at the manufacturer's facilities (including the programming of the RFID chip). The garments are all secured by the Concept Tag through transport, stock handling and in the stores. When removed from the garment, the Concept Tag parts will be loaded into containers at the central warehouse. It will then be shipped to the Fashion Retailer's manufacturers. The RFID chip will be re-programmed and the Concept Tag put on the new garment, starting another circulation.

Please study our schematics showing three ways of using the Concept Solution.