The Concept Inktag RF is equal to the Concept Tag RF - but contains 3 ink ampules. The Concept Inktag AM separates from the Concept Inktag RF having only 2 ink ampules. They fit perfectly on the garment and offers maximum security.

The Concept Inktag is uniquely designed based on the DesignerTag design. The symmetrical design with convex outer edges as well as the integrated PinHead and TagHousing makes it impossible for unauthorized removal. It is the world's most secure hard tag.

The price of the Concept Inktag is likely to be lower than your handling costs of the current tags and will work with your existing EAS Installation. No investment in new technology is necessary. The Concept Inktag will be used locally as the ink ampules can be damaged during recirculation transport.

The Concept Inktag measures: Diameter 50mm x Height 21.0 mm.