Taking Tagging out of the Stores! The first true and secure source tagging concept for fashion retailers! The Concept Solution can have several modes of operation:

1. Concept Deactivator

It will only deactivate the Concept Tag (no RFID chip build-in). It is recommended to connect the Concept Deactivator to the check-out computer where staff is required to enter their code.

2. Concept Deactivator with Fingerprint Scanner

Adding the Fingerprint Scanner adds more security and replaces the need for staff code as well as speeding up the check-out operation.

3. Concept Deactivator – Build-in RFID chip Concept Tag

The Concept Tag has a build-in RFID chip and the system (Concept Deactivator, RFID system and check-out computer) is completely integrated. The Concept Tag cannot be deactivated before the RFID information is received and the data is locked into the check-out computer. The staff code limits the access and use of the system.

4. Concept Deactivator – Build-in RFID chip Concept Tag with Fingerprint Scanner

This is the optimal solution. It takes the third solution and adds the Fingerprint Scanner, replacing the need for a staff code.

The Concept Solution gives the fashion retailer a great number of options. Based on its flexibility, it is possible to have a "soft" start incorporating the tagging process with the logistics using the Concept Inktag/Concept Tag alone. After securing that all operations are working satisfactory, you can take it to the next step by upgrading to the RFID chip technology. Never before has such an advanced security solution been so flexible.